Anxiety, depression, traumatic memories...they all impact the way we function in the present. They affect our moods, our school and our work, our creative pursuits, our relationships, and even our health. 

There are ways to use modern, scientifically proven, brain-body therapies to remove the hold the past has on us, to increase our ability to be more present, to aid in navigating the demands of our busy lives without  leaving us feeling overwhelmed, to help us give (and get!) the most out of our relationships, and to allow us to feel more hopeful about what the future holds.

My work is rooted in neurobiology, and thus focuses on continually trying to increase awareness to the brain-body connection. Through the therapeutic process, clients will gain insight into how the past might be intruding on the present, and will develop tools for how to more effectively manage feelings and emotions in the present. By becoming more grounded and connected, clients can experience greater self-love and learn to be more assertive of their wants and needs in both personal and professional relationships.


I aim to create an environment that is conducive for collaboration, growth and healing. Clearly, this looks different for every person. I commonly work with clients who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and difficulty managing intense emotions (e.g., anger, loneliness, etc).

If you want to discuss what you're currently going through, and find out if working together might help to bring about some change, please feel free to call or come in for a consultation. Initial face-to-face consultations are no charge.